Our awesome Co-Founders Rebecca Chambers and Julie Bosen Meyer were recently selected as The Roofing Academy’s Members of the Month!

For the first time, two people were selected to be highlighted and The Roofing Academy had to add an ‘S’ at the end of member! And that’s not all. Tribeca Roofing was also the first woman owned roofing company and the first co-owned roofing company to be honored with this award!

Rebecca and Julie were chosen because of their commitment to leading with their values first and foremost and their incredibly positive impact to the Central Florida community that Tribeca Roofing serves. Their sustainable practices have dramatically decreased the environmental impact that roofing has by preserving water usage, energy and waste, among other processes.

The article showcased just how special Rebecca and Julie are to the roofing industry and is a great way to learn so much more about these two awesome women! We learned that both of their ideal days would be spent with their family and just how much they both love animals! Some other fun facts include Julie’s Japanese Classical Dancing Title and her love for Michael Jordan and the ‘90s Chicago Bulls. And that Rebecca has an elephant and has a dream of saving elephants on a global scale.

To learn more about Rebecca and Julie, check out the article at TheRoofingAcademy.com! Congrats again to our two fantastic founders!